What Is The Future Of 3rd Generation Support

I noticed that an annual subscription for 3rd generation schedule service is no longer available, only monthly. Is that service going to be around awhile or is it on the way out?


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An optional forward update will add 4th gen features to all legacy Tablos sometime in 2024

So, if it’s optional, what are the choices? Presumably stay with what we have, or “update”?

But what about the question: no option for annual subscription for legacy models? Is this a step towards Sun Setting or EOL?

Call support. Update might be coming early 2024 and they might be hoping people update. With the update currently no out of home streaming.

As I understand it Gen 4 does not work on Windows. I only watch TV through WIndows. It doesn’t sound like Windows support is in their plans although I;m not sure.
Otherwise having an update that doesn’t require a subscription would sound good.
Also, although only used occasionally, the remote viewing was nice.
I had the subscription then canceled and got Youtube TV with locals channels because I was missing to many recorded programs on Tablo during storms because of my poor location.
Youtube TV, good in many ways, makes it hard to find local, non network, programming and doesn’t include most of the local sub channels.
Although paying $60 yearly for something that provided no new content seemed silly on the other hand it made the OTA experience great.
I was thinking of adding again but if it’s only going to be around for a few more months I wouldn’t bother.
Not watching through WIndows is not an option for me.
I knew it was a long shot but thought I would see if anyone heard any rumors.

I can try support.

Thanks for replys.

Have they updated their timeline? I thought legacy models were supposed to get the update “later this year”. 1 day left!

Exception was HDMI model which was later in 2024.

You would probably need to find some one who has cast a gen 4 to windows using an intermediary device chrome, firetv stick, roku, etc. And then there is the walmart onn stick($15) that has HDMI output. It’s goggle TV based. But if they support mpeg2 and can cast to windows only someone who as been successful would be able to explain.

I think when the 4th gen was first announced, the legacy update was supposed to be “later this year”. But for at least the last two months, it has read “2024”.

Though I can’t even find that now. Now I just see “future firmware update”. Here is the info about subscriptions:

I have a legacy model Tablo. Can I stop paying my TV Guide Data Service subscription and still enjoy all the same features?
No. An active TV Guide Data Service subscription will always be required to use advanced features on legacy Tablo models using legacy Tablo apps. However, a future firmware upgrade to legacy Tablo models is planned to enable those devices to connect to the latest Tablo app experience which does not require a subscription. At that time, legacy Tablo owners using the latest Tablo app experience can choose to cancel their subscriptions. Stay tuned for details on the timing of the firmware upgrade for your Tablo device.

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Holy cow my legacy devices have been running smoothly for a long time. Don’t blow them up firmware to support gen 4 apps and functionality.


That opens up a new question. Will that update be forced onto legacy devices or can we choose to skip.
I submitted that as a question to Tablo Support.

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Current plan is to allow OG network Tablos the right to choose. Realizing that “upgrading”, while it gets you the free EPG and FAST support, will also eliminate Tablo Connect remote use (for example).

If you already have a lifetime EPG sub, IMHO, best plan would be to “stay” with old firmware software. If you’re paying monthly for EPG and don’t really use the Tablo Connect feature, then I think you have a more difficult (or perhaps easier) decision.

…If you’re paying monthly or annually for advanced recording features, use Tablo Connect and/or use a PC to access your Tablo - this may impact your decision.

Does the new 4th gen include “advanced” recording features? Or is there only something different with the programming guide and data?

Yes, 4th gen does have other limitations, including lack of web browser support. But in today’s “phone only” world, I figured… eh… maybe that’s not as big of a deal as it once was. :slight_smile: