What is currently (Nov 2019) the *best* streaming device to use with Tablo?

about 4 years ago I asked this very same question and at the time I was using a Roku 2 or 3 I think… around November of 2017 I finally upgraded to an Nvidia Shield; which at the time was considered THE BEST top of the line streaming device.

I’ve used my Shield now for 2 years… and in the last year I’m starting to feel like I’ve fallen behind in the streaming marathon. Shield has had some Tablo issues and I’ve had issues getting some Google Apps to install on it as well for streaming other cable channels (I’m talkin about you Hallmark Everywhere).

I’m just now considering “upgrading” to the next best streaming device that works GREAT with Tablo (my main viewing arena), but also can stream the likes of Netflix, Disney+, and Cable channels like FoxSports, Hallmark Everywhere, etc…)

So fellow Tablo-ers, what is the best choice currently for a streaming device?

Newest Roku Ultra.

We have a blog post for that:

Also, if you’re not using Tablo PREVIEW on your SHIELD, give it a try.

This. I can’t speak to to your issues with Google Apps or other streaming cable channels but as far as the Tablo apps (OG and Preview) I’ve had very few issues with them on my Shield TV.

I’ve been using Tablo PREVIEW on the Shield… and for skipping commercials it is amazing, but the display of recent recordings is annoying. The regular Tablo app seems to be having more and MORE issues on my Shield. A few weeks back, it was only displaying 2-5 of my recorded shows… I literally have dozens of recorded show.

I’ve heard the Roku Ultra is good… anybody had a Shield and now have an Ultra and compare them?

Cool note: best devices as none is the best. Though one may be more popular.
With streaming devices, you don’t have one-size-fits-all. The best, is what best fills your needs.

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“Best” is a very subject adjective.

I have both the Roku Ultra and the nVidia Shield. Since the Tablo apps for these devices are not identical, it’s hard to rate one device better than the other device. I personally like some of the Roku features better than the Shield, but the Shield also has some features I prefer over the Roku. If all Tablo apps performed exactly the same on all devices you might be able to select a winner, but until that happens, it’s going to be a personal choice as to which device is “best”.

There are certainly some devices that just aren’t powerful or fast enough to properly run the Tablo app, but both the Roku Ultra and nVidia Shield do an excellent job of running the Tablo app the majority of the time. I would highly recommended either.

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Totally agree with @3rdRockOKC. The TV that doesn’t have our Shield TV on it has a Roku Ultra on it. Both are perfectly acceptable. If you primarily use the Recent and Upcoming filters a Roku Ultra is probably your current “best” device as while the Android TV Preview app has them they are a little “flaky” at the moment and will get stuck and not load every once in a while but you just have to go in and clear data on the Preview app and that resolves the issue for a period of time.

If you decide on the Roku Ultra route, make sure to get the new 2019 Roku Ultra which is Model 4670. There are many “Roku Ultra” units over the years, each with different model numbers.

Does anyone know what this Roku Ultra LT Model 4662 is? It seems to be only sold at Walmart. The 2018 Roku Ultra was Model 4661.

With my Tablo … I’ve had excellent results and great customer experience with Fire TV 4K, Roku Ultra, and Android TV (Channel Master Stream+ & Sling AIRTV box). I have had no problems from any of these, nor have I experienced any discernibly different performance from one to the next.