What is Best way to exit app?

Since Tablo seems to not be making forward progress on the Apple TV app, or for that matter any of the other “coming soon” apps I am temporarily using a firestick. When I am thru with the Tablo I keep hitting back until it asks if I want to exit and I say yes. That requires a few back button presses. Is there any kind of a shortcut to cleanly exit the app? I do it this way since other users have posted of problems if they close the app by hitting the home button on the remote. This is the only app I know of that requires this method of exiting.

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I have not noticed an issue on my Firesticks when I forget to exit the app and just switch between them or go to the stick’s home. I think this was more of a problem on TV versions where the entire TV went to sleep and it had a hard time re-establishing a connection.

Even at the worst, most of the time when opening the Tablo 4th gen app again, you would see a spinning circle and pressing that back button would load the app almost instantly. Otherwise it would spin constantly or end up giving a could not connect error where you would be able to Disconnect and then reconnect to your Tablo.

To know if it affects you, I would try not closing the app fully for a couple of days and see how your stick handles it. Just be sure you know how to force quit the app (or restart the stick) if you do have an issue.

As I’ve said, I think they’ve reworked something behind the scenes because I haven’t seen this issue in quite a while. Or maybe the firesticks are handling sleep mode a little differently after some random updates.

If you get into a situation you can’t get out of (needing to force quit the app for example) don’t hesitate to ask.

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Thank you for your response. I will try it out. How do you force quit the app just in case?