What is a HDTV Antenna


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Which is why - if and when stations begin broadcasting 4K programming - antennas will stay the same for RF reception although tuners will change to interpret 4K content. Tablo-4K ?

Some things in the article are not quite correct. A bad ATSC (digital) signal results in a no picture or pictures with essential data bits missing leading to a (likely) non-watchable picture. Bad NTSC meant snowy images and noise which sometimes you could put up with. What I’m trying to say is that you could have had imperfect analog old style TV what was “ok”, vs. absolutely nothing with digital HD.

And thus the correct conclusion that you might need better reception (somehow) vs. the old days.

In some respects, while there are technically no “HD antennas,” the marketers do have a point when they state that new antennas are “HD capable.” Due to the digital cutover a few years ago, the frequencies were redefined by the FCC for UHF use in the more compact broadcast spectrum. Manufacturers such as Antennas Direct redesigned their antennas with new dimensions customized for this new spectrum. Channels above 51 (real not virtual) were no longer a part of the American OTA spectrum and UHF antennas were optimized for this range (14 to 51 rather than 14 to 69). For example, compare AD’s older db8 versus the newer db8e. Or the changes to the Channel Master 4228s in the past few years.

One also sees this redesign with pre-amps. Older pre-amps accomodated the larger UHF range of signals. Newer pre-amps deal with a smaller set of frequencies. One sees this on the boxes touting the newer pre-amps for “the digital age.”

While these marketing claims are not wholly technically correct, there is some truthful significance to their claims :imp: Somewhat like Tablo being Roku capable:blush:

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In short, marketing hype, more commonly known as BS. An antenna system does not differentiate between HD or SD, only frequency. You can receive HD signals with a wire coat hanger under the right conditions. That would make it a HD coat hanger.

My antenna got knocked over and broke so am just using a wire hooked up to the curtain rod for now. The reception isn’t as good, however. :slight_smile:

You need to fine tune your curtain rod.

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hmm, wonder if you can insert wire into the curtain rod and turn it into a real dipole. lol

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