What HDMI is needed

When connecting a new 4th generation Tablo to an older Samsung flat-screen, what hdmi is needed. Guessing there is a difference in sizes between the two. Not “geek savvy”, but do know you’ll NEVER have the right one… ugh!


The Tablo 4th gen does not use HDMI in any way.

The Tablo connects to the wall outlet and an antenna. You watch it through an app on your television (or roku/firestick/googletv).

Please make sure you’ve got your little instruction booklet, or try watching the video on their setup page.

4th gen first time setup

There are also instructions on that site if you don’t want to watch the video, but less than 30 seconds in it reminds you that it doesn’t use an HDMI.

Good luck on your new adventure!

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Thanks for the quick response and info. It’s now as-clear-as-mud! Thinking a newer tv may be in order? Dunno

There are many options to keep your non-smart (or older smart) TV working. You can always pick up a Roku, Amazon Firestick, Chromecast with Google TV, or try the $20 onn. 4k streaming stick from Walmart if you don’t want to commit to a higher-priced add-on device.

If your TV works with OTA via antenna all you should need is a mid-priced streaming box. Don’t bottom feed on low priced roku’s and firetv stick. Not enough power. SMART TV’s don’t all come with an OS that the tablo app works on.

The cheapest streaming box that the tablo app might work on is the walmart ONN 4K($20). But someone else would have to say how it works with the gen 4.

Thank you for responding. The Tablo has been sitting on the counter for almost a month. Have been watching OTA for the last few years. Happy being stuck with it!

I will checkout your suggestions tho…

Thanks for the info!

I picked one up just for testing purposes and the 4th gen TabloTV app works just fine. I have nearly 3gig still available, so there’s plenty of room for cache and OS/app updates.

If a person’s purpose in buying additional hardware is only to use the Tablo app, there’s no sense in spending an excess amount of money when this will work. It’s 4k, GoogleTV, and if you can handle the layout, will be just fine for most uses.

Overall, the box is slower than the latest Firestick 4k max, but not any slower than than the CCwGTV. The biggest negatives for GoogleTV devices are that they are heavy with ads, your apps are too far down, and the second tab you scroll past is a live TV grid that I’m not sure who thought was a good idea. There is the option for an “App-Only” mode, which many find useful if they don’t require the voice control, although it still has ads at the top.