What Happens When

…I’m recording 4 programs and someone fires up a Roku or Fire TV on a 5th channel? What does the decision tree look like for cases like this? I tried it tonight and it just stopped recording the program that was ending the soonest and switched to the requested channel. There was no error, warning or anything. Is this how it’s supposed to work? Coming from a Dish DVR that stopped situations like this with warnings, I just want to know what to expect…


If you are actually recording on four channels, then it should give you a no tuners are available error if you try to watch a fifth channel.

If you just have some of those four channels tuned but not recording, it will stop tuning one of the channels and go to the new one.

Well in my one experiment, I was recording on 4. One was nearly done (it was in its 5 min overtime) - and it simply stopped and switched when I pulled up a 5 th channel with the Roku. Unless it just switched because it was in overtime, I don’t think the unavailable tuner flag is working…


Yes that is cause it was in the overtime period. Try it again with 4 shows during the actual scheduled time.

@MikeNE - If you’re in the ‘overtime’ portion of a recording the Tablo will just end the recording because it’s technically done. If you’re in the middle of the recordings you should get the message @snowcat mentioned.

Perfect - thanks.  I haven’t had a chance to experiment again, but that explains it.  Thanks a bunch!!!