What happened to the old/classic Roku app?

We have recently found that the classic Roku app has been “updated” to either:
(1) have an impassable message directing you to the new channel, or
(2) has actually had all of it’s functionality gutted.

This has greatly disrupted out workflow and habits. My wife is quite infuriated, and I am unable to bypass the screen or provide any explanation as to:
(1) Who did this,
(2) Why they did it (e.g. was something broken [or going to break]?),
(3) How it could have been avoided, or
(4) what recourse we have as a customer (e.g. implied warranties)

Sadly, the only explanation I can offer her is “that’s what you get with proprietary software”.

I’m hoping that someone could provide a real explanation… perhaps pointing out the thread I could not find, the secret code to bypass the brick-wall we have run into, or even provide the (now presumed-to-be-useless source code to the original application) so that I might sideload it onto my Roku device?

Tablo had an announcement about this 9 days ago:

And as mentioned there, the end of support for the old channel was part of the June 10th Roku channel update announcement (at the bottom):

Sorry if you didn’t receive any warning from inside the legacy app. :frowning:

Is there a reason you haven’t switched to the current Roku app?

The old app simply works better for most of our usage patterns. It is also a lot faster because it uses the roku-provided interface templates. I really don’t like it when marketing terms distort reality. I have no problem with an unsupported, unmaintained, legacy app… particularly if there was solid api documentation (e.g. so the old app could be replicated, if someone so wished)… but “ending support” is MUCH different from “intentional breakage”. What I saw required EFFORT on their side for this disruption, and is therefor offensive, as is the “soft and kind words” that cover what is far from a gentle reminder or light nudge, but really an act of force. What I bought is no longer what I have, and I’m not sure I want it.

I used the legacy app for a long time and compared it to the new app. I last month I finally deleted the old app because after long testing the new app is better running on 2.2.10 than the original app. Try it, I think you will like. I have 2 R3s and 1NP and they all work better with the new app.

How has 2.2.10 enhanced your NP experience? I am currently using 2.2.8. and have found no compelling reason to update a system that is running flawlessly.

I think the update to 2.2.10 had a slight improvement on the NP - but it was so good it really didn’t matter much. But the improvement on the Rokus was significant and really helped the WAF.

Well mate, give it a go. The old trouble says it’s the bees knees and light years better than that first app, especially since 2.2.10 gave us that brill Recent Recordings screen – we mostly use that. (We have the Roku3.)

You seem to assume that I have not tried the new app. In fact, I was one of the first in line for it when it was in Beta, and we were using it alongside the classic app this whole time.

And should Microsoft have stayed with Windows 3.1 or XP? Things move on and expecting Nuvyyo to support old versions of software is unreasonable.

I wouldn’t use Windows as the gold standard.

Was Windows Bob better then 3.1? Windows ME better then Windows 98. Windows Vista better then Windows XP? Windows 8 better then Windows 7?

Who used Windows as a “gold standard?” Just one example among many including any other software.

The Windows analogy would not be too far removed if rather than a “hard shove” into Windows 10 by manipulating defaults, they had an auto-installing mandatory security update that replaces your windows installation with a “Get Windows 10” wall.