What happened to the fast-forward thumbnails during playback?

Up till this week, there used to be thumbnails as you fast forwarded through commercials on our recorded shows. That way, you could see when to resume regular play. But now the little pictures are gone. I certainly haven’t changed anything in the settings. Also, the playback keeps cutting to a “Loading” screen now. We’ve been watching the same recorded shows all summer without once seeing the Loading screen during the playback. We watch the recordings on the Tablo channel of our Insignia Roku TV.
Anyone have any answers? We just bought our Tablo DVR just before summer and have been enjoying it up till now.
TIA for any help.

The Tablo needs time after the recording and access to a free tuner to run the process that creates the thumbnails; you won’t see them in live TV, or recordings that haven’t yet been processed.

There are rare times that it won’t generate the thumbnails after a recording ends. If this is happening on all your recordings, a reboot might help. If it still occurs, then you will need to submit a trouble ticket.

Thanks for replying. Our access to the Tablo DVR in our house is wifi only and it has worked fine this whole summer. Our routine of watching recordings generally allowed for a minimum of 12 hours from record to playback. How much time does the DVR need? It’s obviously had access to a free tuner up till now and nothing has moved or changed since last week. Could this have something to do with the recent firmware update?

Thanks for replying. I’ll run a test scheduled recording. If I see the problem and have to reboot:

  1. Does this include unplugging power cord?
  2. Will I lose my settings, channels and recording schedules?
  3. Is there some way to back up all these before doing this?
    FYI - We finished watching the recorded show on my laptop, with wifi, and it only brought up the 'Loading" screen once. No thumbnail images though when scrubbing through the commercials.
  1. You can unplug it, but try hitting the reset button on the Tablo first (light will flash as it reboots).
  2. No, the Tablo retains everything after a reboot. The only way to lose everything is if you hold the reset button down for like 10 seconds, causing a factory reset.
  3. No need to back it up.

Ref. seeing the ‘loading’ screen. If you have it set to max res (1080 60fps), or maybe even if not, you might want to prioritize your wireless playback device (Roku, FireTV, PC, etc). I had some of that loading and once I set my FireTV stick to a high priority on my router, they have all but disappeared and I’m running 1080 60fps.

Thanks, VegasSteve. I gave our Roku TV the highest priority.
Well, good news. Starting off with Snowcat’s tip, and pretty much rebooting EVERYTHING on my home network,
I’m happy to say that things are back to normal. At least they were last night. What’s still bothering me is what set off the problem in the first place. In each stage of the rebooting process, I stopped to check the playback on my Roku TV. But I didn’t see total recovery till I rebooted the modem and my router. Maybe if I had started there I wouldn’t have wasted the time rebooting everything else. Oh well. I’ll repost if things go south again.
Thanks all for your help and have a good weekend.

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Glad to see it is working. You really shouldn’t have to reboot your modem, since it has nothing to do with your home network, though it doesn’t hurt.