What happened to 'recordings in the last 24 hours'?! New roku app doesn't have it!

Roku app updated and is missing the ‘recordings in the last 24 hours’!

How do I get that back! That was an important feature.

That was only used on the old Roku app and no where else. With the move to the new Roku app, the need to be consistent among platforms is more important, so that is gone.

You can still get the “legacy” app.


Is that the new mantra from Tablo? I thought feature parity with the legacy app was the goal.

Feature parity with the web app is the goal. The legacy Roku app was just a first try using the default Roku tools.

As per the blog post on this transition, many of our users were enjoying the preview Tablo interface. When we first launched it, our plan was to make the preview live when it reached feature parity with the legacy channel. We’ve made the decision to do this sooner because of overwhelmingly positive feedback for the new channel and so all new users can easily discover this interface.

We do plan to add more sorting screens in the near future as well as other great new features. In the meantime, as @MotobikeMan mentioned, you can still use the legacy app.

Thanks for the replies!

I find the ‘last 24 hours’ sort option to be very useful, so I’ll add the legacy app.