What happened to COZITV

My shows on COZI TV are not being recorded. So I checked the guide, and it has a bunch of “LX” nonsense in it. I have no idea what that is, but it is NOT COZI TV. In my market, COZI TV has 2 channels: 5-2 and 39-3 ---- both are full of this “LX” stuff. Is this a mix-up? Or a sign that COZI TV is going away? When I tune the channels, I see the COZI programs on the air. But they don’t record, because the guide is messed up.

Not sure what you mean about “LX”?

Can you post a picture of what you’re seeing?

If these channels were a part of the last phase of the repack it’s possible that there’s a problem with the guide data.

It’s not like the user indicated a location. I get both but have never wasted any electrons DVR’ing any programs on either COZI or LX.

Gracenotes knows about the LX network.


The guide data for Oklahoma City has also been changed from Cozi to LX. The station is still broadcasting Cozi shows, but the guide shows LX shows. Therefore, shows that were scheduled to be recorded on Cozi are not being recorded. Please contact your guide provider and get this corrected ASAP.

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That context is helpful! So many new subchannels these days!

Anyone who is having this issue should place a ticket with support with the zip code they used to set up their Tablo and the channel numbers of the affected stations. We’ll work to get this patched up: www.tablotv.com/ask-tablo/

In the meantime, you can use the manual recording function to set recordings on the stations with guide data errors:

While you are talking to gracenotes you might check and see if the comet guide is correct in San Diego.

At least for the movies it seems to off by exactly one hour.

My recording seem to only have the last hour of all the murders in the movie Crocodile.

I need more blood and guts.

This seems to be an error - as the new LX live feed is supposed, at least in some markets, to go on a different sub-channel than Cozi.

For instance, same situation here in DC - Cozi (still) being broadcast on 4.2 (which is identified in the Guide as Cozi, but the guide info is full of incorrect LX programming. According to LX’s affiliate guide it is supposed to be carried on 4.3 (not 4.2). I can’t find 4.3 listed in local TV guides, so who knows … but those guides do still have the Cozi programming listed for 4.2, unlike Tablo’s guide.

(I’m not rescanning my Tablo right now due to generally poor reception conditions at the moment, and I don’t want to lose currently received channels since Tablo/Nuvyyo won’t let us manually (re-)add channels that we know we can get but that don’t always show up in a channel scan, so someone else will have to rescan and see if LX is indeed airing on the listed LX sub-channel and not Cozi’s sub-channel.)

By the way, the Cozi website currently doesn’t show a list Cozi affiliates anymore, so it’s possible that much of Cozi is going away, though they are still on the air at the moment.

Here’s the info on LX - NBCU’s effort to reach a “younger” audience of Millennials and Gen X with local-tied programming generated with a diverse and urban focus.

The LX concept and and name actually go back to 2010 and evolved out of what NBC originally carried on a sub-channel as Nonstop. Incidentally, Cozi stations have always been allowed to use up to 13 hours of their weekly broadcasting for local content.

My cozi and lx channels are subs under the local NBC affiliate.

Some parts of the LX channel are loaded into cozi guide. There doesn’t appear to be any cozi guide items.

Even after a guide update. But the guides are not exactly the same.

I can only hope that the OTA gods will shine down on me and both channels will disappear and be replaced by something better.

I don’t typically watch anything on COZI, but I checked it today. The listing still shows COZI (part of the ABC affiliate here), some programs now begin with LX, but most of the shows do not, and the shows don’t seem to be what I remember, either.

Here is a story from last year on NBC introducing LX, some stations seem to be replacing COZI with LX. LX is to be a millennial-aimed news station.

What an oxymoron. Millennials don’t watch OTA TV for news. Most don’t watch traditional TV at all.

Sorry, humor ahead (I think?)

LX News Headlines (Pandemic Edition!)

  • Gaming chair recommendations, when gaming becomes your full time occupation.
  • Maintaining a man-bun when the Salon is closed.
  • Neck beards and face masks. Keeping in style for those occasional ventures to the store.
  • Gender neutral: how to complain but not sound as bad as your neighbor.
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You are trying to ascribe logic to a high-priced television network?

From Cozi TV’s Facebook page:
To our loyal viewers - COZI TV is airing as scheduled! We’re aware that some viewers are experiencing issues with their TV listings, and these issues are being resolved by the third party who populates the platform.

My bad. I am in the Phoenix market. I have no idea about the LX stuff, but it looks totally uninteresting to me, so I hope that COZI comes back. COZI has lots of interesting old shows that I like… that I cannot easily find elsewhere. My main show that I am missing is “Hart to Hart”. An old but really good show, in my opinion. Guess you’ve got to like Robert Wagner and/or Stephanie Powers.

Strange… in my market, Phoenix, COZI is owned by the CBS affiliate. So nothing to do with NBC. And I am in my 70s, so no need for millennial news.

COZI usually has shows like Murder She Wrote and Hart to Hart… you know, cozy type stuff. Hehehehe…

Mine here is by the ABC affiliate, but COSI is owned by NBC. Go figure.

It is kind of strange… here COZI has 2 channels. One run by the CBS affiliate and the other appears to be independent (as far as I can tell). Maybe the 2nd one is run by the local NBC affiliate. Funny thing is that they do NOT show exactly the same shows!! And the format is different too, one is strictly SD and the other is stretched to 16:9. My shows are on the widescreen channel, so I have gotten used to the weird stretched effect.

I’m in the Des Moines, Ia. market. Cozi is currently showing Rosanne, but the guide shows this:

From Tablo Guide:

From Channels DVR Guide:

Seems it’s happening to both platforms.