What happened to all the other models?

What happened to all the other models? I see nothing being sold but this 2 tuner box on the Tablo site.
Walmart and Amazon I can only find 1, the Dual Lite for sale and BestBuys only has the new 2 tuner?

Hard to believe everything is sold out everywhere the same time you push a new product. So are the other models still being sold or trying to make everyone buy this new one?

Likely when they began development then corporation began their new business model which no long included production of these rebranded legacy models.

This article https://support.tablotv.com/hc/en-us/articles/15541820674580-Tablo-FAQs-A-Comprehensive-List#h_01H037890FZ7YT1B6JFJJX3M10 refers to legacy models as

are older hardware devices

so they probably quick making them some time ago… since they are now old

Yeah, the promotion a while back for the legacy models that included the lifetime subscription makes a lot more sense now!

They only offer this new dumbed down version. It sucks. It doesn’t do as much as my current 4-tuner. And it looks like an Amazon Alexa/hockey puck!

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Designed to hang on a wall. It will make an excellant bullseye for target practice.

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I had not known this forum existed until about an hour ago when I got an email from Steve in customer support.
I had asked a couple questions and this is what Steve said:
“Tablo 4th is a new product on the market; all of our previous products are still being manufactured and will be available for purchase.”

I guess I must have gotten one of the last Quad 1TB DVR’s left as I bought it about 3 weeks ago.
My sons were waiting to see I liked it before taking the plunge.
When I saw none available for sale as mentioned above, I was able to find refurbed ones (on Tablo site), so my youngest one bought a Quad 1TB DVR as well.
Wish I had dropped Dish sooner.

Why white? If I had to buy the new version, I’d spray paint it black so it would match all my other devices.

It is designed to hang on a wall (if the user wants to), so it matches most modern wall colors. It also is a nice contrast with the legacy Tablos.

I have a Dual LITE I never got around to listing on Ebay and another I seldom use. Primarily use Tablo Quad. Wonder if the used market will make a comeback… or will they end up in the electronic recycling bin.

Well someday, maybe. You electronic hoarders know-what-I-mean.