What Format does Tablo 4 Record & Is it Encrypted

I’m using the 4th Gen so I guess its similar but different, I suppose.

@cjcox I cannot get pass unauthorized error message on browser/vlc/linux.

Paired device? (remember, I’m talking OG Tablo, so a bit off topic).

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Paired device? (remember, I’m talking OG Tablo, so a bit off topic).

Yes I am the owner of a Tablo 4th Gen. The stream is the exact same format. the Issue is that when grabbing the stream from my Android App using a network inspector I am given an authentication key (is it the same for OG/Legacy?) Since I have not found a way to incorporate that auth into the URL I am given an unauthorized error…

Nevermind!! After many tries VLC playback! Only issue is that if I stop playing it on my mobile device the stream stops working (sometimes it does not if I do not switch channels). Does your code for channels switches every time is tuned; I think it does?

I even got Kodi XBMC playback on my local NBC.

This is very exciting seeing a script that grabs the randomized code is possible.

Now lets test getting a stream of my recording in internal storage.

oh my it works!

This means you could theoretically transfer our recordings to another drive. Love it!

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That is great… are we talking Tablo 4th Gen or does that matter.

Not sure what you did, but glad you got it to record streaming shows.

For me I want to convert shows already recorded on HDD.

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If they can stream recorded content, I believe you can.

I’m not certain on all the intricacies, use ffmpeg with the stream as input… output to an mp4 video.

I do believe vlc has facilities for this as well. Both can do more than is understandable.

I don’t watch linear tv. And watch and immediately delete what is recorded. So I have nothing to rip or hoard.

Easy conversion can be done with ffmpeg and VLC. I was able to save and converted a local copy found in the internal memory with these methods.

For ease of use you need a network inspector for android I use PCAP or Fiddler on Windows. Set the Tablo 4 app as the inspection source and set the provided vpn set up. After accessing the recording it’ll have a unique URL that you can use to convert.

Grab it and paste i on your computer and open it on VLC and hit record.

FFMPEG is like this: ffmpeg -i "http://host/folder/file.m3u8" -bsf:a aac_adtstoasc -vcodec copy -c copy -crf 50 file.mp4

The link should look something like… http:/TABLO-IP:80/stream/pls.m3u8? Recoding-code=v4)

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Quick question on this. When you said record, does it mean it will just grab it and download it to your PC or like play it and record real time? example. 30 min show, will record for 30 min.