What domains does the tablo need to talk to?

I’m about to start re-organizing my home network a bit. Specifically, all my connected ‘devices’ are going to get DHCP assigned fixed IPs and that block of IP addresses is going to have added restrictions placed on what they can communicate with over the Internet.

Using the Tablo as and example (and the specific question here), I will permit outbound traffic that originates from the Tablo to a specific set of IP addresses (based on the top and first-level domains) that it needs to talk to for normal operation. This would include (I expect):

Something in the tablotv.com domain for receiving updates
Something in the nuvyyo.com domain for support access
Something somewhere for the guide data

Is there a list somewhere that I defines what IP (or domains) the Tablo needs to talk to? My plan is to do this symbolically (with domain name) and let DNS sort out the addressing.

I’ll be working up a similar list for my Roku but that will require a bit of analysis as it will also depend on the apps I’ve got installed on it.

I’m doing this so that, in the even they are breached and used as part of a bot-net, they will have limited use and may not even be able to get to the command and control servers for the bot-net (thus limiting effectiveness in that abuse).

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