What does this mean "Unable to start transcoding of recording."

I’ve been out of the country for a few days and still am.  Tried to view some of the recordings and when trying to play them I get “Unable to start transcoding of recording.”. What does this mean ?  I get the same message when I try to play Live TV ?  Also, is there a way to remotely reboot the Tablo ?



@Gerald - were you able to set up Tablo Connect at home before trying to connect remotely? Send me your MAC address (located on the bottom of your Tablo) at Support@tablotv.com and I’ll take a look at what’s going on. Reference this post in your email if you can.

Hey TabloSupport,

Yes, the same laptop was setup at home and used successfully to connect remotely before.  Here’s the weird part, I got back home and before manually rebooting the Tablo, I used another PC at home and connected to the Tablo.  I was able to watch everything recorded just fine.  I then used the same laptop that I used while travelling and gave me the error…it works just fine now.  I don’t get it.  I’ll eMail you the MAC address anyway.



I had the same thing yesterday.  I was watching the Hockey game live, which was also recording at the same thing, and another show started recording at 8 pm.  Lost the feed and consistently got “unable to start transcoding of recording” when I tried playing anything back that was currently recording.  Couldn’t get live tv either.  I cancelled one of the recordings and everything worked fine after.

@TechJunk - This was because you were trying to use more tuners than you have. With two tuners you can record two things or watch one thing and record another but you can’t be recording on two channels and watching a third. 

If you were recording the game while watching it and recording something else, that’s fine because you’re only ‘tuned’ to two channels, not three.

@TabloTV  Need a touch of clarification on this…  If you are recording 2 shows, I get that you can’t tune into another live show, but at that point, could you be watching a previously DVR’d show?  So recording 2, and watching something that is already on the hard drive?

Never mind…  Found it in the FAQ’s.  As long as I am watching inside the house I could do what I described and be fine.

@jbanks25 Tuner math! If you’re recording 2 shows at the same time, you certainly are able to watch a third one - as long as it’s previously been recorded. However, you won’t be able to do this if you’re using Tablo Connect - this requires a tuner to deliver content to you remotely.

Yes, you can record/watch two shows at once and still watch recorded shows at the same time.  

Now if a person wants to watch a recorded show remotely, that will use a tuner (unless you have the Tablo Connect set to full quality, or something like that).   Watching live tv remotely should just use 1 tuner as well.