What do rescan numbers mean?

Can somebody help me make some sense from the numbers that are displayed when you rescan channels?

There are three numbers shown: “Found n channels” and then two numbers with a / between them.

What do they mean?

Is one the analog channels that it’s scanning to find signals, and the other the digital channels/subchannels found?

How do the meaning of these numbers change on a rescan vs original scan?

The numbers aren’t really making any sense at all to me.

For example, I had 32 channels found. I rescan, and it “found” 12 channels. But they are channels that it had already found. So, just what does “found” mean on a rescan?

And then, there are channels unchecked in the “found” list that were previously checked!

Also, it seems as if every time you Add to Guide, it has to re-download the entire guide all over again?

Sorry, none of it makes sense. It’s like somebody threw some numbers there to give some feedback that something is happening, but just WHAT is happening… there is no way you would know from those numbers!

The “Found” channels is the number of actual channels (subchannels) that have programming data on them. The second set is how many RF frequencies it’s checked out of the the total that exist (which is currently 69).

There can be multiple (sub-)channels for any one RF frequency.

Every rescan is actually a new scan. So previous found channels are irrelevant. It doesn’t remember your previous checked selections, which I consider a bug.