What data, in what format, to report shows with incorrect guide data and ETA to fix?

I have several shows that lately starts to report incorrect guide data. Other people report the same.

Maybe if you guys create a form that we can fill in to make sure we provide you with all the data so you guys can get it fixed, then overt time this issue will be eradicated?

Right now, since about Nov 30th, the Colbert Show and the Late Show with Seth Meyers have incorrect guide data.

Also - NYPD Blue, The Addams Family, Carol Burnett and Friends, CBS 11 news at 10 (both for weekdays and weekends) , Dale Hansen’s Sports Special, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Law & Order CI, ABC News 8 Update at 10, Nightline, Saturday Night Live, What would you do?, Young Sheldon, 60 Minutes - all are shows with some degree or other of incorrect guide data. That’s a lot.

I’m not even talking about one-off shows that record 3-4 or more duplicates even if the “do not record duplicates” box is checked.

I take a picture of the Tablo guide , a picture of titantv guide, and a picture of what s on.
As to how long it varies extremely…sometimes a week anf sometimes (like now for a channel) OVER TWO MONTHS. To be honest, that length of time is extremely rare.