What caused this recording to be unwatchable?

Tablo: 4th gen latest firmware, hardwired network connection, external seagate 2 TB drive (STGX2000400).

Wifi: Nest wifi

Clients: Cromecast with GoogleTV, TiVo Stream 4k, Google Pixel 6 Pro

Program: Masked Singer, recorded from local FOX affiliate WUPW 36.1 (rf 26)

Issue: Tablo doesn’t indicate in anyway that there was any issue recording the show. It has processed the recording and generated fast forward thumbnails. If i try to watch on a TV, it begins normal. Then within 3 minutes it starts the blue circle loading/buffering.
If i attempt to fast forward past that section of the recording, it never resumes playing.

Attempting to watch on my phone, the recording plays longer, but then the audio becomes out of sync by a significantly amount. Around 8 minutes in, the audio drops completely but video continues.

All other recordings and live TV appear to be working. Signal is strong for all local channels.

Any idea WHY this happened?

Is there anything I can do to fix it?

Is there anything I can do to prevent future problems like this?

The bad news is that there is nothing you can do to overcome whatever the problem is with THIS recording.

My GUESS is that there are two possible sources of the issue(s) with the recording. It might be that the reception was being hampered at the time. Maybe your neighbor was using her Wi-Fi attached vibrator. The second locus for a fault would be your hard drive. The Tablo seems to require very good service from the hard drives attached. The drive faults are often blamed on reception. It seems the Tablo software ASSUMES reception is the source for most errors.

I am guessing your hard drive is new. If not, you might want to keep an eye on it. Unfortunately, Tablo doesn’t have any victim-accessible error log. Only the support folk can access it.

I am assuming the signal strength shown in Settings for the afflicted channel shows a high value. It MIGHT be that there is some random interference.

You should keep an eye on whether you see similar issues and use the metrics on these to help identify whether the cause might be reception versus hard drive. I wish I could give you a better answer.

Welcome to the place! Your post is most impressive in having everything that helps identify the issue and configuration.

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