What cat size Ethernet cable should be used for tablo

What size Ethernet cable (cat 5,6,8) should be used to connect the tablo to the router?

Well, considering the highest recording level available is 10Mbps, I would say Cat5 has EVERY capability to handle even the highest level that the Tablo can handle for a single concurrent stream…then with the max recommended streams being 6…that would be 60Mbps…still, Cat5 can handle…

Thanks LJ. the distance from router to the tablo is around 40ft. Hopefully this will help the buffering.

Ethernet specs allow for cable runs up to 100m or over 300ft.

There are some references around “Back in 2001, with the inclusion of the TIA/EIA-568-B standard, the CAT 5 cabling specification was made outdated and obsolete, and was then superseded by the category 5e specification.”

But if you can find it, for Fast Ethernet 100mbs, CAT5 works just find… otherwise CAT5e generally seems to be common.


Thank DJK for the information. Very helpful