Western Digital HD LED keeps fast blinking

Hi, I connected a new Western Digital 2TB Elements Portable Hard Drive to my Tablo Dual and formatted it. Seemed to work Ok, but the white LED keeps blinking fast, about twice a second. A bit annoying in a dark bedroom. Anyone know why it’s doing this? Should it stop doing that at some point?

Also, anyone know if the Tablo still uses the built in 64GB storage? I had some shows recorded on there before I connected the 2TB drive. But there was still a lot of free room. My recording were still available after I plugged in the new HD, just curious if the Tablo uses both storage volumes now to record on, or just hard drive.


Well if anyone is watching live TV or a recording the HDD will be in use and it will flash.

There was no recording going on, and neither TV was accessing the Tablo. humm

I have two tablos both with WD element drives. They have been blinking every second for 3 years. A little Xanax usually helps and it keeps the monsters under the bed in check.

My Seagate flashes while recording. A piece of electrical tape over the LED may improve your sleep after you decide it’s working properly. If you still want to be able to see it to check status, colored electrical tape (e.g. dark blue) reduces the brightness without completely blocking it. Or you could cut a postage stamp sized piece of cardboard (e.g from a 12-pack box) and tape it on along one edge so you could flip back the flap to check the LED. Keep it smallish so you don’t affect convection cooling.

Hi Guys, thanks for the replies. I didn’t want to disturb the hard drive after I first got it working, figuring it was formatting or copying the shows on the internal storage over to it. But when I went to bed it was still flashing fast. So I pressed the reset button on the back of the Tablo Dual, as it rebooted the light went off, then on steady for a bit…then back to blinking fast. So I tried unplugging power to the Tablo, waited a few seconds, then plugged power back in…after it was done booting up the fast flashing seems to have stopped. Fingers crossed :slight_smile:

Once you connect a hard drive you’ll still be able to watch and delete recordings on the internal storage, but all new recordings will go on the external drive.

Maybe that blink is how it signals low power mode? is the drive spinning?

I found a dark masking tape a cure for the bedtime light show. %100 of my networking and servers are in my room. Silent running and low heat but it is quite the light show (my cable modem which has all its blinding blue lights shining out of every vent is burried under a book shelf).