Western Digital External HD format

Tablo will not format my external Western Digital 2 TB hard drive. It allows to select format, but when the screen comes up to type in the word “FORMAT” the screen flashes up then goes away never allowing me to type in “FORMAT”.

Any ideas?

The Tablo is a dual and the Western Digital is Elements…

For what it’s worth, I have a 4-tuner Tablo and a 2TB WD Elements HD and it works just fine. Just to let you know that it SHOULD work.

Check that the HD has the latest firmware.

What device are you using? Your description reminds me of times when I’m on my phone and have to type in a field. When I touch the field, the keyboard displays but in turn hides the field and makes it look like it has disappeared. It throws me off at first but then I just type what I need to, choose done or the down arrow to get rid of the keyboard and the text is there.

May not be the same as what’s happening to you but that was my first thought.

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