Western Digital Elements SE

Does anybody know if the Western Digital Elements SE hd works? Or does it have to be the plain Western Digital Elements? This is the one I’m looking at:


The only info I can find here about it is from 2014 where one person said the 500gb model did not work, but they also had it lying around and it was not a new hard drive - so potential issues with that - plus that was 5 years ago and firmware updates, etc.

My wd Element HD works fine on the Tablo. Make sure you only format with the tablo not your computer.

That will work. You’ll have no problems with that drive and it looks like you found a good price.

Thanks! I ended up buying it and it seems to have been working well. I originally ordered the non-SE version from Amazon but it got lost in the mail so I was not sure if it would ever turn up, and the SE was all I could find in a physical store. Amazon refunded me for the original version and said it it comes in the mail, just keep it. Today, the non-SE version turned up. Now my question is, is one better than the other? I am still having an issue where if I leave the tv on and come back after a while, the Tv is just black. I’ve been watching on Tablo Preview on the firestick.

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When the tablo first came out 5 years ago I don’t think the “SE” models even existed. A number of users went with Element. I have two that have been spinning for 5 years.

But it’s all relative. There were various versions of the drive. Probably different components.

I’m using two units that are S/N number “03”. I think the last ones I saw in a store might have been “05” or “06”. And that was maybe a year ago or so. Hopefully your free unit was sold by Amazon and not one of it’s vendors and thus would normally be a new inbox unit.

But one thing about WD is that their WEB site doesn’t indicate if firmware update is available. I had to actually run the WD firmware checker.

My bet is that black screen is due to fire stick. When my fire stick has been to sleep for a long time it’s hard to wake it up to user control. I think it wants to phone home to check for updates when it wakes up.