Well this was weird

I got up today and turned on the TV/Tablo only to find that my 14 day guide data was gone (only had today’s). In checking, the tick mark for 14 day was off. I never changed it and nothing new was done to my system/network. I ticked the box, refreshed, and the guide data came back.
I have two Tablos and the other one was fine (still had 14 day data). Just chalking it up to a glitch at this point, but thought I would mention it here in case others see this too.

This has happened to me, and I believe it is due to the fact that there are a lot of options on that screen, so you down-arrow quickly, and accidentally hit the “OK” button when passing through the 14-day guide which turns it off. I’m not saying for sure this is what is happening, but it is a good possibility.