Weird guide data bug - Modern Family, same episode but different titles


Same show (Modern Family), same new episode 18, same time slot, same channel but different episode titles result in 2 recordings using 2 tuners. So thus I had no free tuner to watch live TV.

Any one else experience this?

See screenshots.

I only have one episode 18 in my guide data. This is for CityTV in Ottawa.

Guess it’s just City TV Toronto that’s messed up. Interesting the Tablo tuned the same channel at the same time twice for 2 separate recordings lol

Sent you a PM with a request for logs! We’d like to take a quick peak.

I actually had the exact same thing happen with Last Man Standing last week. Recorded twice, both on the same channel. Unfortunately I deleted the episodes already but the scenario was exactly as above, just a different show.

Happened again… Whiskey Cavalier, same exact show, recorded twice using 2 tuners tuned to the exact same channel at the same time.

Show # is the same (6) but different synopsis…

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We’d like to take a look. Sent you a PM.

Because of this error, the Tablo did not record the proper episode named “Can’t Elope” (season 10 episode 20) that aired on April 10, 2019. It recognizes episode 18 as Can’t Elope. The Tablo must have marked it a duplicate and didn’t set it to record. I didn’t catch it until it was half way through airing on April 10th unfortunately.

Did you all figure out the issue with the guide data?

I missed the real season 10 episode 20 below.
230. 10-20 10 Apr 19 Can’t Elope

Seems like it must be something with the guide data for you zip code? I just verified that episode recorded for us with no issues.

Correct if you see my first post in this thread, the guide data specifically for Channel 57-1 had 2 shows airing at the same time on the same channel with the same episode number 18, but different episode titles and descriptions. And thus it recorded 2 episodes/recordings of the same airing using 2 tuners.

In theory the Tablo should be smart enough to realize it’s not possible to have 2 different episodes airing on the same channel at the same time. Unless it has access to alternate universes.