Weird chirping noise only in Tablo app watching Recorded TV (I do NOT have Roku)

Brand new Tablo Dual Lite – only several days old, and last night when watching My 2 Sons from ME TV, there were weird chirping sounds in background? I see Roku mentioned as the source of the problem on these community chats; however, I do not have Roku and still get this weird background noise on playback. It appears to have done this on just 1 recording. Please advise on troubleshoot.

What playback device are you using?

If you can’t repeat the issue - it’s difficult to confirm it’s your devices.

Maybe something with that one broadcast/episode.

I see your post is a couple of months old. But I thought I would check in with you to see if your problem is a continuing problem. I have in the past two months had to delete about four recordings because they had this problem. This happened while using an Android phone as the player and it continued throughout the entire video. It was not an occasional chirp but was constant and did not seem to be tied to any commercial break. Next time it happens I will try other players. I forgot to do this any of those times because I just did not think of it.