WebOS 3.0 LG App getting stale

I’m trying to replace a 10 year old Tivo Series 3 HD

Bought both an nVidia Shield / WinTV tuner (for Plex) and a Tablo Dual Lite.

I’m using the Tablo via an LG 65” OLED with WebOs 3.0. It’s working pretty good. But you can tell settings are missing or out of sync with the iOS app (which works great). Like enabling 5.1 sound. It looks like no update since 2017. Has Tablo stopped support for WebOs?

Two complaints I have on Tablo. Slight amount of Judder and idle watts is just a tad high for modern electronics. Part of the reason I wanted to dump Tivo.

The nVidia Shield setup is all current and a bit richer. But Android Oreo has made things pretty buggy. I think these issues will get resolved and it does not have the Judder issue.

One reason Tablo works as good as it does is its going directly to the TV all wired. But I’m concerned the WebOs app will eventually stop working.

Any suggestions to help on Judder.

Would a Roku or nVidia Shield (running Tablo Client) solve the Judder issue?

My understanding is it’s a limit of the transcoding that happens in the Tablo DVR. It’s not terrible but annoying. I see other folks reporting the same thing.

Have you tried playing around with the judder (De-Judder) settings in WebOS? LG has some notes on using the Judder slider. Also take a look at the TruMotion settings.

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I had forgot about that but really didn’t want to mess with it. Because it applies to all WebOs apps and I had my TV professionally calibrated and everything else looks great. Don’t fix what ain’t broke as they say. There are trade offs bumping that up too. It is on, but set low.

That said, I think it’s ok now. When I first set it up. It kept stalling. And so I knocked it down one notch on quality. But I might have had a splitter on the antenna and a slower drive at that time. Once I did my final install with splitter removed and a better drive I was able to bump quality back up to max.

It’s looking very good right now. Just a few artifacts now and then. Much like you might see on Netflix now and then.

Gosh it sure is an easy setup.

I also tested a Shield TV. What a nightmare. I could not get Plex to work reliably. Refused to stay running after a reboot. And was way more limited with time shifted watching.

BTW Tablo uses 7.4 watts when idle with 500 GB SSD drive powered from tablo USB port. My TiVo was 30 watts.

I sure would like to know what the long term support plans are for WebOS 3.0. I think Tablo being integrated in the TV is partly why it’s working so well and looking so good.

It’s nice that all our viewing is now through the smart tv. NetFlix, Amazon, Tablo. That should be sufficient to kill enough brain cells per day.

I bought an Apple TV to see what the latest Tablo App looked like. Holy smoke night and day difference.

However now it’s gonna cost me $550 for a fully functional Tablo.

$99 (Tablo Dual Lite)
$149 (Tablo Guide)
$100 ( SSD )
$200 ( Apple TV )

Granted I could have got a Roku for $80

A 1TB TIVO Bolt ($249) with lifetime ($99 lifetime transfer fee)

I now realize how bad the WebOS implementation is. It also appears to “crash” when watching delayed and I skip commercials and catch up to live TV. The whole TV locks up for like a minute. You have no idea where you are in the program, how much is buffered etc.

That all said, the picture stability and quality is better on the WebOS than Apple TV. The Apple TV keeps getting little glitches. I’ve played with setting lbs of match frame rate and match dynamic range. Occasionally the Apple TV totally puts out garabage. Like an HDMI sync issue.

We’re hoping to take a look at all of the TV-based apps this spring/summer. We realize it’s been a while since they’ve gotten any love, but unfortunately they’re a lot harder to update/develop for than standard platforms like Roku, Apple TV, and Fire TV.

I just bought an LG OLED TV with WebOS and was happy to see that there was a Tablo app available. It has been working well for me but I do miss the ability to see the scheduled recordings in date order as well as the ability to list programs by recorded date. I can still do this on the bedroom TV with my Roku but not on the LG. LG is a pretty big player in the smart TV market so it would be great to see these new features make it to the WebOS Tablo app!

I also hope the LG Tablo app comes up to the level of the Roku one in functionality. I love using the LG Tablo app because it gives me the best picture quality from the Tablo (better than my Roku) when the stream goes directly from Tablo to TV.