WebApp does not work

Hello…I’ve just set up my Tablo and things seem to be working good so far except for the WebApp. To open the WebApp I go to the WebApp tab at the top and click on it. I am taken to a page titled “Discover Live TV and DVR Shows on Your Browser”. Clicking the “Search Again” button does nothing. The “Add via Wi-Fi” displays a page that I need to connect to Tablo’s wi-fi network with the name “Tablo_XXX”. I do not see a network listed with that name. I am using a Mac and Safari running on Mac OS 11.

Which Tablo model do you have and how did you set up your Tablo initially?

I have the Dual HDMI OTA DVR. Setting it up I used the setup wizard. Is there something specific you are asking about the setup? Thanks.

Aha. TV-connected Tablo DVRs are not compatible with the web, mobile, or Apple TV apps.

You can read more about that here:


If you have a guide subscription you can access your Tablo HDMI via a Roku (some other devices as well) on your home network. This is helpful if you want to watch recorded shows in a different TV - but you must have a strong/robust network to do this.

Yes I’m using the Roku app. I wanted to watch tv on my laptop. Thanks for your help.