Web UI oddity

Quick note on an annoyance within the web UI… the upper right search button is overlayed by the close “X” button of the show view but is still clickable if you “fat finger” the “X” button. 

Confusing, annoying, jarring, and occurs for me in both the android and windows chrome browsers. In the windows version I can at least see that the search icon is just visible to the left of the “X” button… so I can finally understand why this happens.

I’m hoping for lots of functionality improvements for the small screen web UI experience. It seems to be missing the attention it requires when the only option for many platforms.

@Thumbs - Thanks for the feedback. There isn’t a lot of real estate on smaller screens but we’re definitely always looking for ways to improve the apps so we’ll take a closer look at this! 

Hey @Thumbs - our web guy has looked into this and fixed it. Reload your browser and check it out. 


Works. It’s as if you made my thumbs into dainty little fingers.

As to the rest of the small screen experience, please prioritize adding access to conflicts in the web UI. I’m sure the rest will follow in time. 

If a direct url could be used, possibly share that as a workaround for now.