Web interface does continuous login while syncing & Channel updating

Am I the only one who gets rolling continuous login messages when I log in from my desktop using the web app interface…
I am using chrome browser, windows 10, and I have cleared the cache from daylite to dark, rebooted the Tablo, router and the computer with no help… I get the same when I do a channel update in the settings menu. Once the Tablo has finished the syncing and or channel update the continuous login messages stop… Any ideas??

Windows 10 has caused issues with Chrome for many people. Going to have to wait for a fix.

You could try uninstalling Chrome and installing it fresh.

Agree that win 10 causes many problems. Chrome on my computer is continuously updated via google’s chrome updater, not sure that will help, but will give it a try later this evening.
Well reinstalled Chrome, problem still exists, no help…

This problem is still happening. I have done some more poking around and tried all the computers and tablets at my disposal. I have 3 desktop computers running win 10. 2 of the computers are 64bit and do the continuous login messages while syncing when I log in. 1 computer is 32bit and does NOT get the continuous login messages while syncing when I log in, nor do I get continuous login messages while syncing when I log in using the android app. All the computers are running Chrome browsers. I have tried Chrome and Firefox on each machine with no help. This started back around the first of Qct for me. Has anyone else experienced this??

@EJC I run Windows 10 Pro (64 Bit) on two laptops and one desktop. I also have a Windows 10 Home (32 Bit) tablet. All devices use Chrome Version 46.0.2490.80 m. I use the Tablo web interface on all those devices regularly and I have not ever experienced your issue. Since you have Windows devices, do you have the same issue in Internet Explorer (IE) or Microsoft Edge?

I doubt the issue is Windows 10, Chrome, or the number of CPU Bits. For now I would disregard the Operating System (OS) and focus on the browser security settings and what security software you have installed. I only use Windows Defender, Windows Firewall, and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, plus I block plugins and 3rd party cookies by default in Chrome. If you have different security software installed I would rule those out one by one looking at their log files or turning them off temporarily. As for your browser settings, If you are signing into Chrome with your Google Account then Chrome will sync all your settings by default. If you messed with the settings on one PC it may have synced the settings to another PC. Just keep that in mind when your troubleshooting. Also, since you have one PC behaving the way you expect it to, compare it’s settings to the PC’s that are not.

Good Luck!

@EJC - Touch base with the support team. They can help you troubleshoot: http://bit.ly/1w8BrBw