Web interface 1.0.0-423?

After waiting a few days and not seeing any posts about the new web interface version 1.0.0-423, curious if there is any bugs that have been squashed or features added. Anyone know anything?

@ChrisWilkes - Sorry, we’re not deliberately trying to be incommunicado… There was a release but there wasn’t a major feature added or anything of that sort.

There were a number of performance and stylistic improvements in this release, mostly so that the app will behave nicely as the foundation of the iOS & Android downloadable apps. 


I've noticed with accessing the Tablo through the Chrome browser on my computer via my.tablotv.com, there is no longer information about which channel a show is airing on if there are 2 episodes with the same name. Why the change? I noticed this previously in the downloadable web apps for my iPhone but was not too fussed because I could choose which channel I wanted to record from on my computer, now I can't.

@TabloTV - is a changelog or version history available for the various components that make up the Tablo ecosystem?  If no, maybe a sticky topic in this forum would be helpful, then when minor version updates occur us users will have a central place to see what changes were made.

@theuser86 We looked at this here, and it appears to be a bug. We’re getting our web developer to take a closer look at it now :) 

@mbellaire We do have some change logs for the major updates to the client apps, but things like this (as it appears to be a bug) wouldn’t be included. I’ll pass along the suggestion for the sticky, though!


Thanks! I can tell which channel it is airing from on the iPad but not the web apps.