Web-based client app loses connectivity to the Tablo server

Very annoying. The web-based client app has lost its connectivity to the Tablo server. “No Tablo was found on your network” it says. Now I guess I will have to get in a car and drive to where the server is located, and connect to the wifi at that location, and re-link the web-based client to the server.

How did this connection get lost? Does it rely on some browser cookie? If I clear browser cookies does this lead to the client losing its connection with the server?

Seems to me the user-friendly thing would be for you to make it so that I can re-establish this link without having to get in a car and drive to where the server is located.

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Did you clear the browser cache in Chrome?

I’ve come to the understanding this pairing annoyance works exactly as designed/intended…

I don’t recall but probably I did clear that cache. There was a big problem with some other web site that forced me to clear user data from the browser.