Web APP - Slow loading

Why is the chrome web app so slow downloading tablo data? I have looked at the location where the data is stored on my computer & the files are small. makes no sense why it takes so long to download.

Do you mean the initial sync? Or every time you connect?

I seem to be having problems with the web app mostly. not sure what happened with the my.tablotv.com, was not showing some programs on the guide after updating to the latest 2.2.11 beta so I tried rebooting (no help), disconnected and cleared the local date & reconnected (no help) cleared chrome cache & reconnected (no help) power cycled & reconnected (no help). even as I write this the guide download is still trying and occasionally i get the message “connection could not be established”. I have a android tablet and the tablo app works fine. just having problems with the webapp…

@EJC If you’re using the beta, you should be using this link to access the web app:

Gave the link a try, Settings came up fine, no guide data, no recordings,very few movies shown, no sports, 2 out of at least 24 scheduled shown, Am I missing something here, chrome settings??

Depending on how many channels you have in your channel list, it may take a few minutes to complete the syncing process, which populates your web browser cache with guide data.

Click on the 3 horizontal lines in the upper left corner of the Tablo web page, and it’ll display Syncing, if it’s still syncing, like this:

The missing data listed in my last post was after syncing was complete. I have less than 20 channels that I regularly watch/record, downloading should not take hours. Since this occurred over the weekend, I did some snooping on my computer.
I use a chrome browser for the web app. While I am syncing, I right click on the page for the menu and click on inspect. I go to the console and I can see every message & error from the server download.
From that, I have determined that the tablo server('s) appear to parse the data rather than a continuous download. There are minutes long lapses in the communication. Errors confound the download resulting in a restart/reconnect. And after I finally get the default prime time screen, looking at the menus I am missing a lot of data as previously mentioned. This is using the link support said to use (http://v1.1.1.browser.platforms.webapp.tablotv.com/) and the my.tablotv.com link. The MAC Addr is 50:87:B8:00:35:94. Realizing that my tablo is 2yrs old, is it possible a hardware problem???

@EJC I can see your ticket with our team; now that we’ve got your Tablo in queue, we’ll be able to figure this out.