Web App on Android


I started a new thread not to take up the ios 8 web app issues

But what I see is only a play/pause and the scrubber in the Android app. I just assumed we would not have any fast forward/rewind buttons being that it is very small :wink:

Normal screen

Full screen

That’s it.  And if you are connected over Tablo Connect, you can’t use the scrubber at all, just pause and play.

@snowcat, I started this thread because it seemed that @TabloSupport thought we should. See this thread 

But Actually I can go forward and back with the scrubber :wink:

@Jestep Looks like there was some confusion, apparently it’s always been this way, sorry for the mixup!

@Jestep, can you go back and forth using Tablo Connect?  I can’t on my Android 4.4.4 phone (Moto G 2014).  The scrubber is stuck on the far left, while the clock on the far right keeps advancing.

When I am on my home network, I can go back and forth just fine.

@snowcat, yes I can. I just re-tried to make sure.

Here you can see the scrubber moved. Galaxy S5 

I am curious if Samsung devices act differently than other Android phones. The Tablo had a big problem with Samsung not too long ago that wasn’t an issue with other brands. Maybe the fix allows the scrubber to work on just Samsung phones.

Does anyone have a non-Samsung Android phone that they can test a recording using Tablo Connect? I want to know if the scrubber bar can be used. Thanks!