Web App on Android -- Won't play in Landscape

I have 2 Android Tablets running Tablo Web App.  My Android 4.4.2 Tablet (Pipo 8.9" T9) works perfectly.  Select a show and it displays the show in landscape widescreen mode.

On my Android 4.2.2 Tablet (Pipo 10" M9 Pro) displays the selected program in portrait mode.  The screen swivels from landscape to portrait as soon as the program is selected resulting in a much smaller picture plus you need to turn tablet on end.  All menu selections work properly in landscape mode.

Anyone else running into this?  Any solution?

If you have a Tablet, why not use the Android tablet app not the web app?

Hi theuser86:

I also have the Android Tablet app installed.  It displays the TV show properly in landscape but it doesn’t show the TV Guide like the web app does.  For that reason I used the web app on my older tablet

My ultimate fix was a new phone, however my workaround for my old phone was to install an app called Set Orientation from Eyes Free… it forced the whole orientation thing to work for me on my older 4.1 device.

Maybe it will work for your device too?

@DaleF What about the downloadable web app? Does it have the same issues?

Hello Tablo Support:

Yes, it is the downloadable web app that I’m using. 

cjcox:  I will try the Set Orientation app you suggested.  Thank you!!

I also ran into this issue on an older phone running Android 4.1, and Set Orientation dealt with the problem quickly and easily. Thanks for the tip!