Web app - can't skip ahead in older long shows

I just received the new firmware today, and I decided to watch one of my old sports recording from February of this year. It is a 3 hour recording.

When I load it in the web app on Chrome on Win10 and try to move forward to a new point in time, the recording immediately goes back to the beginning. It doesn’t matter if it is 5 minutes or 2 hours. I can use the 30 sec skip successfully, but that is it.

I then tried it on one of my Rokus, and it was able to skip ahead correctly. It also worked correctly on my Android phone.

I have a 4 hour recording from Oct 2015 that has the same behavior. All my other recordings of 2 hours or less have no problems. The earliest long recording that works fine is the 4.5 hour long Tony awards on Jun 12 this year.

I am curious if anyone has football or basketball games from last season that also has this issue.