Weak signal problems

2 weeks in, many weak signal errors, lost recordings, and MANY channel scans. Thought I was on a roll, got several days of basic functions, then lost 2 recordings and 2 channels, again.

I am sending this Tablo quad back to Amazon, for an exact
replacement. If the new OTA DVR has the same problems, going to a new vendor.

Here is my take.
Hook your antenna to your antenna I/P on your TV, scan and look at all the channels you want to view, if they are OK, you know the antenna is good.
Step 2
Now attach your antenna to the Tablo antenna input. Scan the channels. If you don’t see the channels you want, and you saw them on your TV on the first step, STOP.
The missing channels tell you that your Tablo has a problem. It cannot operate in the real world. You already know the TV and antenna work.
Tablo must make a OTA DVR that can work under the first conditions. You will see posts that say, oh your antenna isn’t strong enough, add a pre amp, get another antenna. If Tablo can’t make a front end that can deal with a valid RF input, they are not ready for prime time. There are comments about splitting the I/P to four channels, needs more power, etc. Some of these commentaries go on quite long, most were TLDR.

I am not in the business of solving Tablo’s receiver issues.

The problem remains, The Tablo quad will not work when sufficient RF power will operate a regular TV tuner. You can spend a lot of time goofing around with different antennas, preamps, repositioning the antenna direction, with little success.

If your TV works with an antenna and you get the channels available in your area, and then add a Tablo, and have all these weak signal issues, The Tablo is the source of this.

( just for reference, 40 years RF experience. First 6 were in electronic warfare, where I spent all my time trying to pick up weak signals. More motivation for this, as these signals could be someone trying to sink our ship. Tablo is just trying to lighten your wallet).

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I have 2 of the 4 tuners hooked up to the same antenna with a 3 way splitter 2 going to my Tablo and one to the tv. And I only have problems if it is storming with one channel. I live 15 to 45 miles from the different channels. Try moving your antenna a little and fine tune in the channels.

Better to leave amplification external as everyone’s use case is different. An increased amount of Internal amplification that boosts the 4 tuners to being adequate in your case might overpower my system making it unwatchable for an entirely different reason…

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Tablo has interñal 4 way splitter. TV died not.

The four way splitter should have been compensated for.