Weak Signal on One Station

I am getting a “weak signal” error on one of my channels. It is NBC and I am getting all other channels in (i.e. ABC, CBS, etc.). Any ideas what would be causing this issue? The antenna is properly positioned, the cable is connected tightly, I have re-booted with and without the hard drive, etc. I have no antenna amplifier and live 20 miles from New York City, so signal strength is not an issue. I have looked through the community and it looks like it is a rather common problem. Any thoughts on what I can do to resolve this?

Is that one station VHF or UHF?

No idea, how do I find out?

I believe this should solve my problem - https://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/How-to-Rescan-Your-Television-to-Receive-NBC-New-York-Signal-460277243.html

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The rescan should work. Just my chance i rescan my TV in early Feburary (NYC) and found NBC was also brocasting on 4.3. (Cosi on 4.4). Signal seemed better so I rescan my Tablo also.

I am also receiving the same problem. Weak signal on NBC only. I’m unable to “rescan” on Tablo. I don’t see that as an option with the framework of the app. Can someone tell me how to rescan to find the newer NBC frequency?

You didn’t say what app you are using or what apps you have available.

Roku doesn’t support rescan - the WEB/browser app does.

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I found it. I had to go into mytablo to rescan. There is no way to rescan channels on the Roku app.