Weak Signal/No Tuner? (Gen 4)

Firestick 4k (new because I own all Rokus, and we know how that’s going)

Firestick was working fine for weeks (a few minor glitches, eg. kicking out right after recordings finished just like the Roku)

Anyway, tonight I’m getting “weak signal”. I’m able to get only 2 channels that I see (Ch 5 and 7 series) and a couple of FAST channels, but mostly none of those either. Aren’t those strictly via internet?

I’ve also seen “no tuner available” a few times.

No other devices are on accessing the Tablo… I’ve given up on the Rokus for now. Nothing is set to record (anymore).


  1. Rebooted Tablo
  2. Rebooted router (signal was strong via WiFi but I did anyway)
  3. Rebooted Firestick
  4. Turned off the amplifier on Tablo (I have a very good antenna and I’m in range of over 100 OTA channels)

The only change that I can think of is that my recording space is nearly gone… 7% left on internal (no external drive). Could filling up that space actually cause this?

I’ve been patient like most of us for months… I’ve just about had it with this thing.

EDIT: The guide shows up fine.

2nd edit: This morning the error is, “storage is full” when trying to get a channel. It’s like the thing is preprogrammed with excuses. I’ll try to delete some recordings.

Sorry you’re running into this.

Is it possible that you have auto-delete disabled?

That will ensure that you always have space available for new recordings and to spin up new live TV sessions as those are ‘saved’ in the background temporarily to enable features like pause, rewind, and fast forward.

Of course i have it disabled… That’s what i want. I chose to track the remaining space on my own and turned off recordings at 7%.

If the 4th gen can only handle, say, 100gb of recordings instead of the 116gb or so that it seems to allow before reaching 0%, then that is what should be coded. Available space should say 0% when the thing is going to crap out due to lack of space/memory. The answer isn’t to autodelete shows i haven’t watched yet… It’s better coding and probably a warning that internal capacity is approaching zero.

7% of even 128G is 9GB.

Looking at How does Tablo’s Auto-delete feature work shows that it needs 2GB per tuner, and even if this doesn’t include the virtual FAST tuners, that leaves you with 5g available (4g since it only allows 116g). That really doesn’t leave any room for live TV since it records it to the drive to play back on your devices at the same time (temporary time shift file).

As for your tuner issue, were you recording more than one thing while trying to access a different channel? Even if you’re recording a main channel (say 11-1), you can’t also watch 11-2, etc. That counts as a second tuner in this device, because it has to cache whatever you’re watching.

If you’re getting “weak signal” on your FAST stations as well, it sounds like your Tablo might be experiencing some interference even if other devices are connecting to your network just fine.

@TabloSupport has provided a link in the past that will show you the connectivity status of your devices. I don’t know if it will help in your case, but I will post it again if I can locate the URL. (Or if Tablo Support gets to it first, that’s even better!)

ITMT, if you do a rescan of your channels, are they all green with 4 dots? I know a user has mentioned some weather conditions that might affect television reception this week.

I’ll answer as much as i can.

No, i was not recording more than 1 show. In fact, as i said, i turned off all recordings when i saw it at 7%.

Tablo has a very strong signal with my router and more than sufficient up/down even on 2.4ghz. I’ll be happy to confirm with whatever link you/they have

I did in fact rescan all channels (forgot to list that as a step) and every channel was green. Like i said, i have a good antenna and I’m well within range of the main broadcasting towers.

My overall point is that we shouldn’t have to worry about this nonsense. The code should allocate sufficient resources to ensure that live playback is available. And this was only on one tv… I can just imagine how much more content I’d have to delete to use a second tv and the 2nd tuner. Sorry, but this is poor coding IMO.

Not poor coding, but you’re trying to run on the bare minimum. I get it, Tablo is giving you that option, so use it. Those bare minimums come with stipulations.

But with the Fast Channels borking on you too… There is more than meets the eye here. Can’t completely blame the Tablo from this point forward.


Here’s that link:
Tablo - My Status

Thank you.

So, it picks up the Tablo immediately. What am I proving here, as there’s nothing about signal strength?