Weak signal. Most of my channels are no longer present. I’m convinced that the frequency of have changed. What can I do to resolve this problem

Starting about a week ago most of my channels are not accessible. Says weak signal. I’ve tried to scan as well as re-sent numerous times. With no success. I’m convinced that the frequencies have changed to all these channels. What can I do to get them back? I live here in New York City.**I live here in New York City.

What kind of antenna do you have? If you’re using a Tablo, have you tried connecting the antenna directly into the TV?

You might also want to check with the AVS Forum NY OTA reception thread. Plenty of NY OTA folk there with first hand experience:


most of the “big” NYC broadcast stations changed frequencies august 1st at 1pm.
you need to rescan, and be sure you hit “add to guide” when it’s done. not adding to guide will mean it didn’t make any changes.