Weak signal issue workaround by lowering 'Max Recording Quality'

Lowering ‘Max Recording Quailty’ worked around weak signal issues on our Tablo.
What doesn’t make sense is all other channels, which have strong signals, by the way, never caused the Roku Tablo app to buffer, and never caused the Tablo to crash, and reboot.

@TabloTV I thought changing ‘Max Recording Quality’ would affect only these 2 items:
Video, and audio quality (personal preference);
Network thruput (lower the quality if network can’t handle it).

Long explanation…
For 3 years, our Tablo dual tuner had weak signal issues with 1 channel, 5-1 CBS @ 1080i.
Watching that channel resulted in the following:
Roku Tablo app frequently reloading;
Tablo crashing, and rebooting.

No issues with any other channel, including ones broadcast at 1080i, 720p, and 480i.

Changed ‘Max Recording Quality’ from…
HD 720 - 5 Mbps (recommended)
HD 720 - 3 Mbps

Now, when watching that weak signal channel, there is no Roku Tablo app buffering, and the Tablo doesn’t crash, and reboot.


This definitely shouldn’t be the case. This may be a coincidence.

However, can you try running a new channel scan (make sure you select ‘Add to guide’) and then changing the recording quality 5Mbps? Do you see the same results as before?

Already did that, and yes, same results as before.