Weak Signal-First Time Seeing This!

I have had my Tablo since about June and always got my main three network stations.
Yesterday, with nothing changed, I got “Weak Signal” on the CBS affiliate. I can’t watch it, can’t record it, and the other channels are all fine. It showed 5 green bullets on the scan, but I learned here that that doesn’t mean anything. I moved the antenna, a Mohu Leaf, back to the front of our building where it has worked fine before, and in that location, channel 9 dropped to 2 orange bullets and still “Weak Signal” but all the other channels were fine. It makes me think something is wrong at the TV station so I called them. Didn’t get an engineer, but a young man who wouldn’t admit anything could be wrong. He went through re-scanning and repositioning the antenna, but I said I had done all those things. I’m only 10 miles from the antenna farm and all three network stations are pretty much in the same area, like most major cities. I’m just at a loss as to figuring out what I can do. I’ve been tweaking my antenna location ever since I got the Tablo but in all that time I’ve never seen “weak Signal” until yesterday and today. Very puzzling!

You’ve described this situation well, it sounds like this is a station problem, not a Tablo problem. Have you checked to see if this particular station has been affected by the FCC repack, or if there’s anything (anything?) else on the station side of things that you can begin looking into?

Given that you’re so close to the local antennas, I’m wondering perhaps if CBS has cranked up the power on their station and you’re now overloading the tuner?

If your antenna has an amplifier (which it probably shouldn’t given your location) try removing it.

If that’s not possible, drop a note to support and we can check on that for you.

What city are the TV stations in?

In Denver the NBC affiliate reconfigured all of their channels (and subs) in December. They advertised on their news broadcast for a week prior to rescan after the switch. Until the rescan, their channels showed, “weak signal”. After the rescan, everything went back to normal.

It was seamless. My recording scheduler did not miss a beat, even though the virtual channels moved to a different frequency.