"Weak Signal" error


Tablo product has been great so far when it works. I am in NYC and was using a Mohu leaf 50 ultimate, recently switched HD frequency cable cutter to improve signal. When I load the Tablo App on ipad I seem to always get the “weak signal” error on channels, I have to refresh the channels multiple times and then the broadcast seems to come through fine. Seems like a bug, is this a known issue? Should I be doing something different? Thanks



@uclahenry No known issues on this front. However - can you confirm that this only started happening when you switched to the HD frequency cable cutter? I’m just wondering if you swap it back with your Mohu to see if you can reproduce this.

Hmm ok, because behavior is consistent. Get weak signal error and then try a few times and then it works. This happened with the Mohu and HD, I purchased the HD hoping it would help the situation. Please advise. Thanks.

Have you tried checking you signal strength with your TV? Both the Mohu 50 and HD Frequency antennae are for UHF/VHF with clear Line of Sight of 50 miles. It would be interesting to tell which antenna gives the highest signal strength for let’s say the weakest channel.  The HD Freq antenna can be placed outdoors, if this is an option, to improve signal strength.