Weak signal detection / notification


From time to time in the last months (actually since I started using Tablo), some channels are returning “weak signal” errors. When this happens, I try to tweak my antenna position, and it usually solves the issue for a time. I’m ok with that.

The problem is, I become aware of the weak signal of a channel when I try to watch a recording that didn’t record because of the issue. And then I realize that all recordings on this channel failed starting from this point in time, and I wasn’t aware of it.

So it would be very useful if Tablo could somehow notify me when a channel stops getting a signal. The device could automatically check the signal strength periodically and raise a flag when one of them is weak. This way, we could fix the situation before failed recordings start to pile up.

Thanks, awesome device otherwise :slight_smile:

Guillaume Bourassa


Does your antenna keep getting moved or knocked around by storms? Once set up properly, you shouldn’t have to adjust the antenna position. Unless the channels are physically being moved to another tower somewhere else.

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Actually it’s an indoor antenna. At first it was on a wall, after the first weak signal incident I moved it in a window.
Then after the second incident I moved it on a different location on the window, attempting to get a better angle with the broadcasting tower of the channel that always gets the weak signals.
I should probably get a better antenna, I know :slight_smile:
But I still think that getting notified of weak signals is a valid use case.

Thanks for the reply!

I agree! I too use an indoor antenna. As a renter, it’s the easiest option. Occasionally, interference does happen. I’d love to get a notification from my Tablo when this occurs, ideally as a notification on my phone or tablet.