Weak or terrible connection to Tablo

We have solid, beautiful live TV signal when antenna is directly connected to TV, when we take that same connection to the Tablo device we get a message that the signal is too weak and the stations that manage to connect are pixelated and get stuck in a feedback loop where less than a couple seconds are shown over and over.

We have triple checked all connections… we have rebooted all the devices several times and have rescanned the stations numerous times and stations that get a green light do not load on the Tablo.


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Yes, the antenna is amplified. We’ve tried different antennas as well. No improvement. We’re at a dead end as what to do next. I’m pretty fed up with this thing so far and at the point of returning it.

To rule out OTA signal issues open a support ticket directly with Tablo. They will remotely log into your Tablo with your permission and tell you if you’re seeing poor signal. They can read the dB.

You could be on the cliff of no return for signal strength. The Tablo does have an internal 1x4 splitter which can degrade the signal just a little enough to cause problems of your antenna isn’t up to snuff.

@bbrands - Sorry to hear you’re frustrated. I definitely recommend chatting with the support team. They can figure out what’s happening and help you get things working correctly: http://support.tablotv.com/hc/en-us/requests/new