Weak Antenna Signal only when using Wifi (Roku)

I have Tablo Quad HDMI, LAN connected on my main TV. I’m using Roku to bring it all together with my streaming apps. The Roku is also LAN connected on the main TV, and Wifi is used for (2) satellite TV’s. On the satellite TV’s I get a message “Antenna strength too weak” when trying to view the major networks in HD. I can go to the main TV, and using Tablo only, everything comes in just fine. On the Roku remote TV’s, I can come back a few minutes later, and the channel will work.

My internet is Fios 50/50, and I typically see at least 46 Mbps download and 45M bandwidth on my Wifi, even at the remote locations. I purchased a really good antenna which is mounted in the attic, and TV reception from it directly is fantastic. I added a signal amplifier /8-way splitter to get cable throughout the house, and it works very well.

Is this a Wifi issue, or an antenna issue?

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