WD vs Seagate vs Toshiba

Hey all, I’m looking to buy a Tablo for Christmas and I’m just sorting through which HD to buy. Thanks for all the other posts, I’ve learned a lot by reading through everything.

Right now I think I’m going to start with a 1TB and see how it goes. On Amazon, the following portable harddrives are all the same price ($54.99):

WD Elements
Seagate Expansion
Toshiba Canvio Basics

Which one would you recommend?


I have a 2 TB WD Elements drive… been running it over a year and a half now with no issues.

I find that with my usage patterns, which is to watch and delete most shows shortly after recording, I have no issues with drive capacity. Because I record so much TV, I do keep several series worth of shows that I watch when my most favorite shows go on hiatus.

With this usage pattern, I rarely exceed 10-15% of my drive’s capacity.

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HGST Touro Mobile (the slow spinning one, not the “S” or turbo). I’ve been using the 1TB of that model for years in different situation including the Tablo. I have a couple of 3TB WD bus powered Passports on my Plex server, but I’ve never tried on with Tablo (epecially since they didn’t support large drive until quite recently).

I have been using a 2TB Seagate Passport usb drive for 2 yrs on Tablo with no problems. Would recommend no less that 2TB because you will be better with more room than less and it is not easy to copy files to another disk if you want to upgrade the hd. (Costco currently has them on sale for $74)