WD Passport Ultra not recognized by Tablo

This 500 gb USB portable hard drive is not recognized by Tablo. It is recognized on my Windows computer and has up to date firmware. When I plug it into Tablo, the hard drive LED lights up, and the drive starts spinning. So clearly it’s getting enough power to operate.

I really do not want to purchase another portable hard drive… part of the attraction of buying the Tablo Dual Lite was that I already had a portable hard drive.


Do you have the model number of that WD Passport drive?

Can you format the drive on your PC, then unplug the power from your Tablo, then plug the drive into Tablo, and then power the Tablo back on?

Model # tnds2b-01-can

I already did a format (quick format)​. I’m doing a full format now. It will take several hours. Once that’s done, I’ll follow through with the rest of the instructions and get back to you.​

Hard drive reformatted. I unplugged Tablo power, reconnected hard drive, then repowered Tablo. It still indicates “no hard drive connected”.

That’s unfortunate. It’s possible you have a defective Tablo unit or defective USB port, can you try another external USB drive to confirm? Or possibly try another USB cable?

If not, you’ll have to open a Support Ticket directly with Tablo. From the quick start guide:

“Hard Drive Not Recognized
If you have connected a USB hard drive and its details are not shown in your settings screen AND/OR you have not received
a prompt to format it during the setup process, try rebooting the Tablo using the blue reset button on the back. If you still do not receive a prompt to format the drive, contact Tablo Support for assistance”

Your hard drive needs to be formatted by Tablo, not Windows, so that may be your problem. If you do a factory reset of Tablo with your drive connected, that may solve your problem.

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That solved the problem. Hard drive recognized. Thanks!

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Happy to help… Glad we were able to get you going!