Watching Tablo on Roku 2 or Roku Lt

If you have Tablo 2 2.2 installed, the current Tablo PREVIEW channel does not work with subject Roku. The BETA TABLO PREVIEW channel does work as does the original ugly channel.

@TabloTV or @TabloSupport please pin or post a message for said people to let you know and send them the BETA TABLO PREVIEW channel.

Which Roku 2? Model 2720 or 4210?

The LT is an older model that isn’t sold any more afaik. I think it was model 2400 or 2500 somewhere in there anyway. It was limited to 720p as well I believe.

2720 I I assume. The LT I have is 2700X. The new one I thought has the same hardware ad Roku 3.

@beastman, your statement is overly broad. I have a Roku 2 (Model 4210) and the Roku Preview app works perfectly. I think it is likely that most people in this community have Roku 3’s or the Roku 2’s (4210). I think there a relatively small number of users that still use the LT. But I think your information is valuable for those users.

I got the LT during phase out in Dec and have it on an old TV that only had RF. I got a converter for RGA to RF at Amazon.

Or the original Roku 2.

I’m waiting for Roku 4 to come out and then will get it for the living room and move the 3 to the bedroom. Will also get new TV since 3 only has HDMI.

I have an older Roku 2 XS (Model 3100) and the Tablo Preview channel works on it as well.

Likely not the typical Roku-Tablo set up but kudos to you for finding a way to make it work.

Must just be the 27xx Roku not working.

Roku 2 4210X: Tablo Preview is working on live TV.
Roku LT 2400X: Tablo Preview not working for live TV, but ‘stock’ Tablo does.

@matt I just went to look at my Roku LT and it is 2700X, which the Tablo Preview does NOT work on, but the Tablo Preview Beta does.

Is there more than one version of the Roku LT? Look underneath the Roku LT.

I think there must be a few different versions of the LT - mine is definitely the 2400X, double checked this morning on the device. It’s super old…had it for 5-6 years.

Roku LT can be Model 2400, 2450 or 2700. See links below.

Just like Roku 3 can be 4200 or 4230, or Roku 2 can be 2720 or 4210.

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List of models.

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Thanks @theuser86