Watching scheduled show "Live" cuts off live TV stream once the schedule ends

I have a recurring schedule on my 4-tuner. My wife and I decided to watch the season finale live instead and used the “Live TV” section of Roku App. 

We then opted to watch the next show, but the stream cut off and I had to reselect the channel and miss 5-10 minutes as we’ve paused the TV.

I understand that the Tablo will avoid using an additional tuner when watching a scheduled show live.  It would be nice if there was a way for the tablo app to somehow swtich over to live streaming when the user is happening to watch a scheduled show while in “Live TV”?

It’s a well known bug on the Roku app and has been documented by users here many times.  

@sderos - Now that we have a full-time dev devoted to Roku we’ll be working to remove these common hiccups. 

Huzzah for a full time dev!

@stevebob - We’re pretty excited about it! (But not as excited as the guy on Facebook who volunteered to run errands and pick up his drycleaning so he could code faster… Our fans are pretty awesome!)