Watching Live While Recording on Apple TV

I recently changed to Apple TV from ROKU. I was recording a series of programs on the same channel back to back. I also Wanted to watch them live. As I was watching live at the end of each program The viewing stopped and I got a message something to the affect the it was over. I had to hit dismiss and go back to guide and re-start the viewing. It appeared that I was watching the recording while it was going on and not live.

Why is that and what can I do to prevent this? I never had that issue with ROKU.

If you were clicking on the specific program to watch live, that’s working as intended as that program was over. If you want to keep viewing the channel after that specific program is over you want to click on the channel number, not that specific program.

Sorry for the late reply. But that doesn’t work. I have tried it over a period of several days. Made sure I clicked on channel and not program. But if the current program is being recorded while I am watching it, then at the end of the program it goes off and I have to go back and re-select the channel again.

Never had this issue with my Roku.

The app on the AppleTV device has little differences, like the small guide when watching something is a lot different and other minor things like that. I did not like it, so I went back to FireTV Cubes.

I tried the FireTV Cube. Didn’t like it. Too much garbage to navigate around. AppleTV much simpler. And when I shut off with the Tablo app open, next time I power on it is on the Tablo app. Only complaint I have so far is what I mentioned above.

Still have this issue. Any other ideas?

Hopefully dictionary definition of soon and not Tablo. Within two weeks or it might be going back to Best Buy.