Watching live and channel guide

I would like “watch live” to be live and remain on channel instead of ending 5 minutes after a show.  Also I would like the channel grid guide that @TabloSupport showed.  Any estimate when a beta Roku app will be available or a beta Android app that will work (I have been using the web based for now.

@beastman what are you referring to about Live TV? Live TV should go out about 10 hours if you do not change the channel or have a recording that needs to tuner.

The situation that @beastman describes about live TV only happens on the Roku in certain situations.  Under normal Roku viewing, live TV stays on the same channel as @Jestup says.

TabloSupport has already stated they are investigating, so there is no need to keep bringing it up.   

Live TV has no problems with any other app (web, tablet, or Chrome).

@beastman - Both Android Fire TV and the new Roku UI will be coming out before the end of Q1.

@TabloTV great.  I have the beta and like what I’ve seen.

@beastman - ?  We aren’t in beta for any of these interfaces yet. If you’re in our current firmware beta, that’s a whole different animal :) 

@Tablotv I have the beta on my Tablo and it broke the Android Tablo apk,  What I like on the ROKU though it is not beta, when you press the arrow to skip a commercial, there are images now.  The grid guide isn’t there yet - that’s coming when the Roku UI goes beta.  Yesterday I got the update to the beta Tablo apk.  Can’t wait for the Roku which should be soon since it’s been said it will be available by the end of the 1st quarter which is the end of March. I got the mail yesterday afternoon to update the Android apk and now it works.

The channel guide for channel 17-5 is wrong some of the time.  The CORRECT SCHEDULE  is available at  I live in Austin, TX 78758.    I picked the Austin station which it list as34-4 but it is on channel 17.5 as far as a TV or Tablo is concerned. For example it shows Dragnet on at :00 - 8:30 and 8:30-9:00.  The problem is while the time is what the schedule says, the schedule is EASTERN time and Austin is CENTRAL time.   

@beastman Thanks for posting the details! We’re looking into this now.

@TabloSupport in other words, Dragnet is 7:00 - 7:30 and 7:30 - 8:00 Central time on Sunday.  For now I have scheduled Sherlock Homes to record which is during the time Dragnet is on.  Once the guide is fixed, I’ll get rid of Sherlock Homes. Is it possible for me to edit the guide data and correct it on my Table?

@TabloSupport where do you get your schedule from?  I was looking at a program that uses Schedule Direct and it has the same wrong schedule for 17-5 in Austin, TX.  For 11:00 AM Saturday, the schedule shows Lassie, but it was He Man.  I sent them an email with the same pdf schedule link that I posted here. 

@beastman the schedule is from Tribune and I am pretty sure a lot of people get there EPG from there. Not sire if they get it directly from them or through a third party.

I opened a ticket for King of Queens being wrong a long time ago. Support does send these issues to them, sometimes it gets fixed sometimes they don’t. But, I would say open a ticket for them to work.

@Jestep - every place I check online has the same WRONG schedule.  I told Schedule Direct the problem, then he just sent me a listing of what the server shows.  I replied back to him to read the PDF and the question is how to get the PDF schedule to be on the server. 

Where is the MAIN feed for all these wrong listings?  I’ll send the PDF file link to them too. For now to record “Dragnet” I have it recording “Sherlock Homes” which is what the schedule is showing is on, when I KNOW it is “Dragnet”

@beastman Thanks for posting the details! We're looking into this now.

Any update?  @TabloSupport - Every place I look online is wrong.  AOL, Yahoo, Schedule Direct, etc.When one is fixed, they’ll all be fixed I assume.  Again, the CORRECT schedule is at

@Tablosupport I just contacted the network about the wrong schedule.  Maybe they’ll contact the online tv listing provider.

Weekday schedule seems to be okay…it is just the weekends that are a little messed up.

@beastman - All of the providers get the data from the broadcaster originally so if it’s wrong from the broadcaster it’ll be wrong from them.

We do place tickets with Tribune when folks tell us about incorrect data but they wind up going to the broadcaster to get it corrected. It sometimes take a bit of time to filter through to your Tablo. 

@TabloTV I just emailed the station asking them to send the correct guide data to the program guide provider.

Thanks @beastman